Glenn Lyvers is an American writer and editor residing in Johnstown, PA. His poetry biography may be found at Poets and Writers Magazine.Lyvers maintains an expert bio onLinkedIn. Patricia Rossi is a writer, freelance artist, and an lawyer. is a huge assortment of poems from famous and newbie poets from around the world — collaboratively printed by a community of authors and contributing editors. Poetry, Audre Lorde tells us, names “the nameless so it can be thought.” On Being options poets across our media and public life offerings because poetry, for all its craft, is greater than a craft. Poetry doesn’t have a single purpose, however it may help us live with purpose.


3Elements Literary Review posts a name for submissions every quarter. World Poetry Day is nicely known yearly on March 21, celebrating a linguistic expression that individuals from all cultures can establish with. Poetry could be found in the history of each nation, and brings us together under shared values and customary humanity.

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We situate Queensland poetics in a worldwide dialog, and our method is considered one of inclusion, diversity of voices, and respect for culture. If you’re worried your starting point isn’t grand sufficient to advantage an entire poem, cease right there. After all, literary giants have wrung verse out of every topic beneath the sun, from the disappointments of a post-Odyssey Odysseus to illicitly eaten refrigerated plums. Is this the main lesson of Anne Carson’s Plainwater? Maybe it’s that you just can’t “live six months inside a frozen pear.” Grief, pilgrimage, phenomenology, family, trout—whatever you would possibly suppose you know a couple of subject, Carson provides you a unique way to know it.

Think about it and tell me how you’d be grateful for an Idea you literally just said would not have happened “yet to scratch the floor of…” Advice in poetry is a double edged sword but should you hold it with both palms. Get a plain low-cost notepad, date and time stamp the begginning and ends of each, worry not about titles, and fuck guidelines. Save it and in time whenever you return every so often, the least you will do is study one thing about yourself, probably the most potent key to maturation. Just so you realize, in our competitions if you submit your poem, beneath the ‘Pay Now’ button there is an option to submit your poem for free! Each month 5 free submissions are a part of the competitors.

Queensland Poetry

Poetry may be written independently, as discrete poems, or may occur along side other arts, as in poetic drama, hymns or lyrics. Poetry is literature that is written in verse and emphasizes the rhythmic use of phrases to create imagery. Narrative poetry is a genre of poetry that tells a narrative. Broadly it subsumes epic poetry, however the term “narrative poetry” is usually reserved for smaller works, usually with extra enchantment to human curiosity. Many scholars of Homer have concluded that his Iliad and Odyssey have been composed of compilations of shorter narrative poems that associated individual episodes. Much narrative poetry—such as Scottish and English ballads, and Baltic and Slavic heroic poems—is efficiency poetry with roots in a preliterate oral tradition.

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